Championship Game
Indiana Stix 3 Cincy Flames 2

Semifinal Scores
Cincy Flames 8 Cincinnati Astros 5
Indiana Stix 6 At The Yard 4

Quarterfinal Scores
Cincy Flames 2 Licking Co A's 0
Cincinnati Astros 5 Ohio Athletics 4
Indiana Stix 12 Flash Baseball 5
At The Yard 10 Warren Co Wolfpack (16U) 5

Quarterfinal Games at 9:00 AM

(1) Licking Co A's vs (8) Cincy Flames (Thomas More College)
(4) Ohio Athletics vs (5) Cincinnati Astros (Highland Hills)
(2) Indiana Stix vs (7) Flash Baseball (Milford HS)
(3) Warren Co Wolfpack (16U) vs (6) At the Yard (UC Clermont)

Semifinals at Thomas More College
12:15 PM - 1/8 winner vs 4/5 winner
2:45 PM - 2/7 winner vs 3/6 winner

Championship Game at Thomas More College at 5:15 PM

Consolation Games at MIlford HS
11:30 AM - Indiana Mustangs vs NMV Elite
2:00 PM - Ohio Force vs Haubner Hornets
4:30 PM - Red Stockings vs Cincy Baseball Club

Consolation Games at UC Clermont Brian Wilson Field
11:30 AM - Spartans Baseball vs Ohio Surge
2:00 PM - Cincinnati Riverbats vs Dayton Dodgers
4:30 PM - Cincinnati Reds RBI vs Cincinnati Fury

Consolation Games at Highland Hills Park
11:30 AM - Next Level vs Elite Baseball Club
2:00 PM - Warren Co Wolfpack (15U) vs Cincinnati Stix
4:30 PM - Midwest Prospects vs Cincinnati Mustangs

Pool A W L T Diff
Pool B W L T Diff
Pool C W L T Diff
Ohio Athletics 2 0 1 11
Licking Co A's 3 0 0 24
Warren Co Wolfpack 16 3 0 0 17
Flash Baseball 2 0 1 8
Haubner Hornets 1 1 1 -1
Cincy Flames 2 1 0 7
Ohio Force 1 2 0 -6
Cincy Stix National 1 2 0 -7
Elite Baseball Club 1 2 0 -3
Red Stockings 0 3 0 -13
Cincinnati Mustangs 0 2 1 -16
Indiana Mustangs 0 3 0 -21

Pool D W L T Diff
Pool E W L T Diff
Pool F W L T Diff
Indiana Stix 3 0 0 20
At The Yard 2 1 0 10
Cincinnati Astros 2 0 1 11
Cincinnati Riverbats 2 1 0 5
Spartans Baseball 2 1 0 5
Cincy Baseball Club 2 1 0 1
Next Level 1 2 0 -14
Dayton Dodgers 1 2 0 -1
Ohio Surge 2 1 0 4
Midwest Prospects 0 3 0 -11
Cincinnati Fury 1 2 0 -14
Warren Co Wolfpack 15 1 1 1 1

Cincinnati Reds RBI 1 2 0 -6

NMV Elite 0 3 0 -11

2014 15/16U Tri State Elite Classic

·         July 3 – 6, 2014
·         $700 Entry Fee, 4 game guarantee (weather permitting)
·         Games played at the following sites: Thomas More College, top area high school fields.
·         College coaches throughout the region will be notified of the tournament and receive the tournament schedule. 
·         Tri State Elite Tournaments are run by Chris Fuller.  Chris has coached high school baseball and top travel organizations and is the Scouting Director for Prep Baseball Report Kentucky.
·         We will work tirelessly to make this the BEST event you attend in 2013.
·         This tournament sold out (24 teams) by February last year.  Make your commitment to attend ASAP!  A $200 deposit will hold your spot.  You can download the entry form right here on this site.  Contact Chris Fuller at 513-919-8963 or with questions.


  1. Only BBCOR certified or wood bats may be used in the tournament.
  1. Game time is forfeit time under normal circumstances. Please have your team on time and ready to play.
  1. All games in pool play will be 7 innings with a 2:10 time limit. No new inning will start after 2:10. A pool play game that is a tie AFTER the time limit has expired will result in a tie. A pool play game that is tied after 7 innings BEFORE the time limit expires will continue play into extra innings until the time limit expires.
  1. Championship round games on Sunday will have a 2:30 time limit. No new inning will start after 2:30. If a championship round game is tied after the time limit has expired, each team will begin an inning with the last two batted outs on 2nd and 3rd base and 1 out, and play will continue until a winner is determined.
  1. There will be no time limit for the championship game.
  1. The mercy rule will be in effect for all games – 8 runs after five innings, 12 runs after 4 innings.
  1. There will be no pre-game infield.
  1. There are no pitching restrictions for the tournament.
  1. Teams may bat 9 players, use an EH, DH, or both. The DH can be for any defensive player. The re-entry rule will be in use. Any player who starts the game may be substituted for and may re-enter the game for that substitute in his original spot in the batting order one time. The sub would then be finished for the game.
  1. A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher and catcher at anytime. The courtesy runner must be someone who is not currently in the lineup.
  1. Base runner must slide or attempt to avoid contact. Malicious contact can result in an ejection. This is at the discretion of the umpires as to whether contact is considered malicious.
  1. There will be no protests. All umpires decisions are final.
  1. Any coach or player ejected from a game must sit out the next game. A 2nd ejection for any coach or player will result in them being removed for the remainder of the tournament.
  1. Each team must provide 2 new baseballs at the beginning of the game and throw in back up balls as needed.
  1. Home team will be decided by a coin flip. Coaches may do this at anytime before the game (encouraged to do so early). In the championship round, the higher seed will be the home team.
  1. In the event of inclement weather, the tournament director reserves the right to re-format the tournament. If only one game is played before the tournament is cancelled due to weather, teams will receive a 50 percent credit toward next years tournament. There will be no credits after the start of each team’s second game.  If weather cancels the entire tournament, teams will be given an option of a 50% refund or a 75% credit towards a future Tri State Elite tournament. We want baseball to be played! We will make every possible effort to get games in!
  1. If games are rained out, they may not be able to be made up. Winning percentage will determine standings if an uneven number of games are played within a pool.
  1. Teams that do not advance to the championship round on Sunday will be scheduled to play a consolation game. Teams are expected to play their consolation games as this is part of the tournament and 4 games that you paid for!
  1. National Federation of High School Rules will be used for any rule not covered by these rules.


Thomas More College
365 Thomas More Parkway
Crestview Hills, KY 41017

UC Clermont (Brian Wilson Field)
1535 Clough Pike
Batavia, OH. 45103

Milford High School
1 Eagles Way
Milford, OH. 45150

Highland Hills Park
Mayfield Ave.
Fort Thomas, KY. 41075
(Park is at the end of Mayfield Ave)